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Our Dog Family  -  always under construction!

We have had more than one person say that when they die, they want to come back as one of our dogs!

Our free time is spent doing dog activities, preparing for dog activties, or planning the next one.  We host AKC lure coursing trials here on our farm twice a year, as well as holding several types of event practices now and then.  Please click on each dog's name to see what they have accomplished in their career or what may be coming up for them. Many of the lower-down dogs have been placed in retirement homes or have gone to the Rainbow Bridge....

Farrah, Shine (10 wks) and Lena 

Scandal face 2 yrs 3000.jpg
Bea stack shed 3 yr  2  lead removed.jpg
Ingrid 3  4    2 yrs.jpg
2019 luna gallop front 8 wk.jpg
2019 orange trotting towards 8 wks.jpg
Rainey foot up.jpg
Chase teeter jump 2019.jpg
Birdie front head turned 2 yrs.jpg
tiki in ivy.jpg
Vito front 2 yr.jpg
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