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-Missed and Never Forgotten-

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3/09 - 10/17 -- "Farrah"

The night stars shine a little brighter now as our beloved Farrah peacefully crossed the Bridge  in her dad's arms... Some of us are blessed to have a true Heart Dog even once in our lives-- we have loved and lost many dogs, and each were a treasure-- but Farrah was one of those extra-special ones that tear your heart out to say goodbye to. Most knew her as a very multi-talented girl who would do anything David asked of her-- even if it wasnt always something that she really wanted to do. She loved lure coursing, laying in the sun, and going with David everywhere he went. She knew when it was time to go to work and waited patiently at the door to go, and she knew when it wasnt a work day. She was a certified Therapy Dog who went to our office every single day, bringing comfort to countless people who were mourning the loss of their own pet. She had a knack for knowing who needed a gentle nudge and some big brown eyes to look into, and a soft head to stroke. We always joked that she was Lassie in whippet clothing. Farrah was a class act, and not really a dog. She had a bazillion titles and accomplishments-- a tribute to the love and time that David spent with her, and to her willing, gentle good nature. She was a multiple group placer. At the 2013 National she won the Versatility competition, won Brace with her daughter Mira, was runner -up in the Triathalon, and she won Brood Bitch. She was a mother to champions, group-winning BISS winners, and had several accomplished kids from her only litter. When David wanted to try lure coursing, she became a Best in Field, Dual Champion. When he wanted to try out tracking, she got her TD on the first try. Agility?? OK! She was working towards her MACH and was running in Masters agility and lure coursing even when she had aggressive nasal cancer-- before we knew what was going on. Thank you to Sue Vernon for sending the year-old Farrah to us-- what a journey it was for us all. God Speed Farrah-- til we all meet again on the Other Side....


farrah coursing4.JPG
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