Valais Blacknose Sheep 

We are excited to announce a big new project here at Foxglove Farm!  We have recently become involved in the Valais Blacknose breed-up program, using imported semen from the UK fromhigh quality, handsome Valais Blacknose Sheep rams.  VBN sheep do not exist in the US, and the only way to produce them is to breed an appropriate purebred ewe of another breed to imported, highly quarantined frozen semen.  We are part of the very first importation of these gorgeous creatures' genetics, and we had beautiful F2 (3/4) lambs and an incredible F3 (7/8) ram lamb in 2020!!  We are in love with the real VBN look coming through!!!  Eventually, after upbreeding for multiple generations from Finn foundation stock, we will have purebred Valais Blacknose Sheep available!!  Photos below are from the Laparascopic Artificial Inseminations of our ewes.   Our stock is registered  with the VBSS.

Our keeper clean-up F3 (7/8 pure) ram as a baby.  Mature pic below right.
2020 f3 ram 55 front.jpg
2020  f3  55 front in field.jpg
2020   61 front in field.jpg
2020  53 in field with foot up.jpg
These are examples of F2 lambs (3/4 VBN.  All are spoken for.   Forming waiting list for 2021!
2020  f3  55   profile.jpg
2020 vbn lambs.jpg

All of our ewes have been bred to assorted VBN sires with imported semen.  They  are due the first week of May 2021.  We have a pretty long waiting list, but if you want to be included on that, please email us!  We will have F2 ram lambs, F3 ram lambs, and possibly an F2 ewe or ewe lamb available depending on how many ewes we have born. 

2020 VBN flock 2 mo lambs.jpg

Some day we hope to have developed one of the first herds of these cuties in the US!!

Examples of purebred VBN- not yet available in the US!!
f3 ram and herd Jan 2021.jpg

F3  clean up ram with his ladies