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McKaden Bird of A Feather  -                  "Birdie"

Birdie side 2       2 yrs.jpg

Birdie is a lovely, sweet, smoothly-moving whippet girl who is very fast and athletic.  She is well on her way towards her championship, and promises to run well in lure coursing, as well.  She is health-tested and clear (OFA cardiac echo, eyes and patellas) , and was been bred to "Disco" (below) , and had a lovely litter  of 7 (2 M, 5 F) on Aug 8, 2020.  We kept one daughter, Roux, to move forward with.  Birdie has started her training for agility and shows great promise!

Disco is all health -tested and clear.

Disco  best jr.jpg
Birdie front head turned 2 yrs.jpg
Birdie X Disco at birth.jpg

This is her daughter, Roux, at 8 wks.

2020 Purple foot up 8 wks.jpg
2020 Purple girl rt side 8 wks.jpg
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