Lambs are here!  

Roni has 3 new brindle boys born 8-4-17!)
Lots of mini horses for sale-- see Sale page!!

We are liquidating most of our farm livestock other than the Valais Blacknose sheep- we are moving to AZ within the next year or so!   We purchased a home in Rio Rico.  Let us know what you are looking for!  

For Sale-

*Old English Game bantams-  chicks & adults

*Fleeces (Finn, VBN X  and Shetland) 

*Shetland lambs and Nigerian Dwarf kids due late April-May, all will be available, as well we two Shetland adult ewes and 2 adult Nigerian does.

See our Valais Blacknose Sheep page for news on our new Valais Blacknose Sheep upbreeding program!!!

AZ home.jpg