Foxglove Portrait On Black Velvet  -               "Elvis"

Elvis shown at 11 wks

Elvis is a dear, kind soul.  We call him the Little Black Lassie, as he is faithfully on our heels everywhere we go.  He is laid-back, gentle and thoughtful.    He is a lovely boy, so stout, with a gorgeous head and body.   Cant wait to get him out in the ring!  He is out of Veronica and sired by Fred.  


We belong to many clubs:


* Chintimini Kennel Club 

    (lifetime members)

*Mastiff Club of America

*French Bull Dog Club of America

*Pacific NW French Bulldog Club

*Miniature American Shepherd Club   of the United States

*American Whippet Club

*Valais Blacknose Sheep Society US


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We support our doggie habits and otherwise by owning

Rest Assured Pet Cremation, LLC


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