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2024 Waiting List forming now for F4 ram lambs, & F3 ewes, and some F5 (pure) ram lambs.

SOLD - Thanks Terri!!!
We are offering our lovely Bram for sale!  He is a purebred Valais Blacknose sheep, and from an embryo imported from NZ.   He has spent the past year siring several gorgeous lambs for us-- mostly ewes, and several Spitti-marked ones!  He will be ready to leave the OR farm in mid-September 2023-- please email for more info. 

F4 RAM for sale- #107. (93% pure)- $4000

107 f4 profile.jpg
Chianti front.jpg
Chianti- F 2.5  ewe-  SOLD TO TERRI!  Thank you! 
#107 ram lamb and the young F3 ewe lamb (photos coming soon) can  be bred together.
-package discounts available!!  -
#97 ram- F3  87% pure- $3500
#97 ram lamb  and Wish would make a lovely breeding pair!
"Wish"- F3 (87% pure) ewe- $8000.  Proven, great mother!
"L'Oreal"- F3 (87% pure) ewe-  Proven, great mother!
Loreal front.jpg
SOLD- Thanks Terri!!
 F3 (87% pure) ewe lamb- minimal markings, so being offered at  half price- $4000 .  She has equal potential to produce normal coloring. Sweet and adorable!  Can be bred to either of our available ram lambs above
Pledge daughter f3.jpg
F3 ram lamb (87% pure)-  may be bred to Wish above. $3000
Adorable F3 wether-  he is free as a companion to any of the rams above- or $500 on his own.  Photo to come!
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