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Lots of Old English Game bantam adults and  babies for sale!

-We currently have 2 older Serama banty roosters free to good home.
-We have some fancy doves available- $15 each
-Several Old English game banties for sale- $5 each
-our Nigerian Dwarf goats will have kids available this summer, as well as being available themselves.
-We will have Shetland sheep lambs also available this summer, as well as their two lovely moms.


We belong to many clubs:


* Chintimini Kennel Club 

    (lifetime members)

*Mastiff Club of America

*French Bull Dog Club of America

*Pacific NW French Bulldog Club

*Miniature American Shepherd Club   of the United States

*American Whippet Club

*Valais Blacknose Sheep Society US


Our Business

We support our doggie habits and otherwise by owning

Rest Assured Pet Cremation, LLC


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P.O. Box 425

Junction City, OR 97448

(541) 954-6506 or

(541) 914-4757